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I use extensively few of your free plug-ins with a lot of satisfaction, like so many people around.

I would like you to create a donation feature in your website, for those who would thank and support you for the value you give to the audio community.

Probably not a big money package, say 20 or 50 € or free amount, but at least a proove of solidarity to help and contribute to your development, which is of most importance to maintain such a high level in audio engineering against cost pressure

Any idea out there?

Kind regards,


ps: just a wish about span: could it support multichannel like overtoneEQ?

I'm unable to offer donations - this is not allowed by payment processing company I have contract with.  But anyway it's better to buy a commercial product if you want to make a donation.

SPAN will be multi-channel in the future major version.

OK Aleksey,

First I go ahead with testing overtoneEQ, then I'll probably have some interest in HarmoniEQ for smoothing audio in a clever way.

As audiophile mindset, I'm in favour of replicating acoustics from as pure audio as possible, but you do manage audio from a very high engineering level and musical sense, place for extremism or minimalism here!

Kind regards,


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