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I have started using MSED with my video editing program, to turn a M-S recording into a stereo recording.  It works great, much simpler than the recommended process of duplicating, inversing, then mixing tracks !

I admit not being an expert at VST plugins, so I may miss some basics: is there a way to create a configuration so that the default processing option is "DECODE" rather than "INLINE".  I would actually like to create several filter presets, each with its own name - one for Mid only (DECODE with the side gain at -infinite), one for a large stereo scene, one for for a small stereo scene...

I have read about VST programs and banks, but this does not seem possible with MSED, right?  Overtone GEQ seems to allow programs and banks, but I do not find a way to do an M-S decoding alone; i.e. go from an M-S signal to a L-R signal.

Thank you.

Such 'set default preset' option like the one present in Overtone GEQ is not available in MSED.  But it will be added probably, in the future version.
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