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Forums     Discussions     Free Audio Plugins What bundle is RMS in?

New to the subject here.

Having a devil of a time finding a RMS VST plugin for Audacity for Win XP.

Does anyone know which bundle has RMS capability.

Thanks much in advance.



If you want summary RMS reading only you may use Voxengo SPAN.

Thank you Aleksey.

Do you happen to know where I can learn how to use RMS?  I've only read that it is very valuable.

Thanks again.

RMS is an estimation of 'power' of signal in the given time-frame.  However, in case of digital RMS, it is only a relative value, and is usually expressed in dBFS (decibels over full scale) - usually a negative value.  Actual loudness depends on the volume gain setting of your sound system.

Thank you again Aleksey.  You have been most helpful.

You are welcome :)
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