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Hi there, I have been playing guitar for about 5 years and am in a band, we have recently started recording.  Like a lot of bands we have just about no money and are always looking for cheap ways to get good sounds.  We are currently using a freeware recording program I am sure some of you have heard of called "Audacity" it's very limited but it does get the job done.  Being fairly new at this I am not 100% sure how all this plug-in stuff works.  So finally my question is, will the Voxengo free plug-ins work with Audacity?  Or do they only really work with "real" recording programs like Cubase?

Any info would be very helpful.


I can't tell for sure since I have never tried Voxengo plug-ins in Audacity myself.  If it supports user interface'd VST plug-ins, then Voxengo plug-ins should be usable there as well.  But you may try yourself - this usually takes little time.
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