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Just installed this with Wavelab essential and need a bit of guidance to get the best effect.

I have a MS file, mid in left channel, side in right.

If I push the side up to say, 8 and then the mid to about tthe same, I get a stereo effect.

Is this the right approach? or should I start with the mid?

On a mixing desk using the splitter and phase reverse, the side is set and stereo effect

adjusted with the mid.



There's no difference if you adjust mid level, or side level.  What matters is the balance between the two.

I have the plugin installed in Windows Audacity, and if I set Mode=MidGain=SideGain=0.5 then I get a stereo output from my MS input stream.  But I don't understand what happens when I change the "Mode" setting (value 0-1.0).  Is there some documentation which describes how to set the "Mode" control?

ps: I understand that the balance between Midgain and Sidegain will change my stereo soundfield, and that seems to work OK, although I would love a reference that gives me some correlation between the values I dial and mathematical stereo parameters.

pps: Great Software!

Mode selects between Encoder/Decoder/Inline modes.  It's not very convenient to adjust modes via automation parameters like what you are doing.  Plug-in's own user interface should be used instead.

Audacity just presents me with the three automation parameters and a slider from 0-1 when I select Voxengo from the drop-down menu.

I was hoping I didn't have to install a more complex program on my laptop.  Does Audacity not use the plug-ins interface, or am I doing something wrong?

Sure, it seems that Audacity does not show the original user interface.
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