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First, thanks so much for this great freebie; it's been a great help in syncing audio to video in a couple of situations.  I'm hoping to use it in a sound reinforcement application to align speaker clusters.

I was wondering if you might be able to add a readout that gives the delay time in feet and meters via the rough formulas 1ms=.343371m and 1ms=1.126547ft (20° C at sea level).

This would save a few steps in the field.

As always, my deepest thanks.

I'm not quite understanding what you mean by 1ms=.343371m.

The time it takes sound to travel a certain distance.  For each millisecond, sound travels .34337 meters.

The reason I ask is that in live audio we need to use delays to insure that the sound from different speaker clusters arrive at the same time to specific locations.


OK, understood.  I'll add this to my to-do list.
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