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Which one to use to alleviate input monitoring latency ?

...and to add"

does anyone know the formula to figure out the amount needed to jam along in real time to record with in Sonar 5

And does anybody notice a slight flanging / phasing of the sound when the times are slightly off ?

Or is it just me ?


For surgical delays Sample Delay should be used.  However, this is necessary ONLY if some plug-in produces delay.  If no plug-ins you use during live recording have any latency, there is no sense to use any delaying plug-in on tracks.

Flanging/phasing is the first thing you notice when some track is heavily off-time.

Sample delay surgery it is then !

The flangng/phase sound was when the audio delay was set for a different time than the tempo itself - makes perfect sense

This is what I used first

Sample delay works perfectly


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