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I consulted a mastering engineer on tightening a mix and he suggested using MS processing.  This way you should be able to narrow frequencies under let's say 60 Hz for more centered and anchored bass.  How would you acomplish this with using MSED?

Thanks in advance

This is not possible to do with MSED alone, but you can use MSED to split signal into mid/side components.  After doing that you can treat the side component with a multi-band compressor or equalizer, to decrease the power of the low-frequencies.  Decreasing the side component effectively narrows the width of the stereo recording.  After these adjustments were done you can apply MSED again, in 'decoder' mode.

Hi Aleksey,

I understand your reply and would like to thank you for that.  But, how would you narrow down frequencies lower than 60 hZ for a more anchored bass.  I don't want to equalize the mid side or decrease the power of low frequencies, I just want to isolate the lower then 60 hZ and and narrow it spatially.  I understand you can use an eq to split the track in two and treat the low frequencies separately but I also heard you can do this using MS.

For example in Sequoia mastering software there is a function where you can sum up low (whatever you specify) frequencies to mono or just narrow this part of the spectrum.  Have you heard of this technique?  It's apparantly used extensively during mastering...

I got a following reply from a mastering engineer:

Well, just by going M/S, I don't know of any way to narrow JUST the low frequencies.  I could narrow the WHOLE width by going M/S, but just the lows...tough to say.

Of course, I must point out one thing - Most large house systems use crossovers to drive seperate subs and speakers.  The crossover for bass (usually set around 100-150 Hz) is sent to a mono amp.  In reality, you probably don't need to lower the width of the bass stuff too much if at all.

Just a thought.


I guess that does it, thanks Aleksey

As I've replied earlier, to narrow just the lows all you need is to equalize side channel's low frequencies.  Crossover filtering can be used as well, but it is a bit more complicated.

Another alternative is to use Soniformer's stereo width adjustments which are envelope-driven - you can draw any stereo separation curve across the spectrum.

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