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I know this a freebie but can you clear this up?

In Cubase SX how is this setup to process tracks(not mic'd)

For example, I have a guitar double track(one left and one right) do I set up the track and plugin to process just the sides(say with an eq or distortion)

Am I going to have to do all sorts of routing to make this work?

This can be a tricky 'business' I think - at least in Cubase SX.  You'll need to apply MSED to your track and have it 'encode' your guitar track.  Then you'll need to split the 'encoded' stereo track into mono tracks and process them separately with whatever FX you want.  After that you'll need to combine mono tracks back to stereo and finally apply MSED in 'decode' mode.

I'm not an expert in Cubase SX, but that's how this should be done - not taking implementation details of Cubase SX.

By the way, you may also try such 'modular' hosts like EnergyXT or AudioMulch - it should be much easier to do that with them.

thank for the quick reply and I appreciate you even talking about a free plugin. if you or anyone else has another minute... I would have the stereo doubled track---insert MSED using "encode" and bounce that to another stereo file then split into 2 mono tracks?

Does that mean the left one would be side and the right mid?

Im guessing if I route them to a group bus with decode on I could hear the end result?

last thing... does this make using the side and mid knobs not nessesary?  I could maybe just use the faders from the mono tracks?

Left is mid, right is side.  Sure, routing mono tracks to group bus with correct left/right panning and MSED in 'decode' mode will help you hear the end result.

You may use side/mid knobs on the last 'decode' step, to control the final result.

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