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I am attempting to use the mid-side plugin in REAPER and when I launch it, I just get a push-button the says "ENCODER/DECODER." I am very new to plugins and I am assuming that I am not setting up the tracks to properly use this plugin.  I have a mid-side recording that I would like to decode and adjust the side mic level down to lose some room ambiance.  I can do this in three tracks in REAPER (and Cubase SX) but I can get the cool plugin to function as it seems it should.  Anyone on the forum give me a little advice?  Thanks all.

Just to add, I have the DL that is supposed to be v1.3 but the version shown when I launch the plugin is v1.0.


Should be v1.3 - I've checked out DLL on the web site.

Make sure your track is stereo, with left being mid and right being side channel.  MSED works on stereo tracks only.

Okay, that helps!  I still only get an Efx page that reads v1.0 with the only control being a toggle between encode and decode.  I have checked the .zip file and it claims to be v1.3.  Any ideas?

I'm not sure what's wrong.  You should see Encode/Decode/Inline switch together with two knob controls.  Please redownload the plug-in from Voxengo Downloads web page.  You have probably used an outdated version download link from some other site.

Uninstalled, reinstalled.  All fixed.  Thanks!

Now for the really stoo-pid question.  If I have two seperate mono tracks in Cubase, one panned left and one right, do I open up the VST in each track to "encode?" Or would it be better to combine them in on stereo track and open the VST in one track.


You'll need to combine them to stereo first.  Otherwise it won't work as expected.

Thanks.  I do have a funny story.  I took a track off my disk and tried to encode it.  Only got a peak on the left side.  Damn.  Still having problems!  Come to find out its a long voice slate, in mono!!  Ha!

Sorry, and by the way.  Nice little app!  Thanks.

You are welcome!  Sorry if that was not helpful.
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