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Dear Aleksey,

When i choose 16,000 Blocks in the analyzer, i get these weird noises.

i've tried updating my Gforce card drivers, but it doesn't work..

Please help me.


Which sample rate are you using?  Do you work with stereo or mono track, which audio host program are you using?

Hi Aleksey,


2.I open the span on the master channel.

3.cubase sx 3.1.1

OK.  I think this can be related to your audio card latency.  When you are selecting large block size in SPAN, this can cause glitches in playback due to burst nature of SPAN processing.  I suggest you to increase audio card latency, or use lower block sizes.

I use the fireface 800.

maybe my definitions got mixed up..

i'll check it out..

Thank you!

Dear Aleksey,

It was related to my audio card latency!

thank you!

You are welcome!
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