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Hello Alek..

If you recall, I am doing surround upmixes from original stereo CD's..

In previous experiements with stereo width, widening the source before the 5.1 splitting happens can screw up the front soundstage so I always leave the stereo width alone..

Yesterday I added Stereo Touch to the rears only after the 5.1 split..

I went with the Extra Wide settings and the results seem fine..what I'm really after is lots of seperation between the 4 speakers in the corners

do you have any suggestions as to how Stereo Touch could be used to maximize the seperation?


Right now I can't suggest using Stereo Touch on full mixes - this plug-in was mainly created for individual sounds.  Since it uses mid/side delaying approach, this can create a bit of filtering FX, and even metallic overtones.

It is not that it can't be used over mixes, but it should be used with care.

As for the separation, I do not really understand what you mean.  If you mean spatialization, it is better added with a surround reverb.

Thanks for the response

I'll remove it from the rears

By seperation, I mean multichannel mixers have the ability to place specific instruments to which ever of the 5.1 speakers they want..since they have the original recording tracks to work with..

I have to use programs designed to extract information from the stereo albums - I want to get as much discrete music into each speaker - having info that is different in the left suround than the right surround, increases the perception of having a discrete mix..

Understood...  I do not really know how you should act...  One very brief suggestion would be applying reverb in frequency-dependent manner: for example, extract frequencies that are common to some instrument and apply reverb to them, then extract frequencies that are common to another instrument and apply a different reverb to them.  This should theoretically put these instruments into different sound stages, thus increasing separation.

Do you have a product I could try to add the reverb?

I have no control on how to extract say a guitar track and apply reverb to it

I have only the original stereo CD source and then the extraction process does it's thing to create the 5 mono wave files..

So I'm not sure here how to do what you suggest


You can't extract exactly the guitar, but you can extract its body by means of equalizer's low- and high-cut filters.

Ok I understand about getting just the guitar..

what eq program of yours can I try this out with?

Sorry but this is all new to me


You may try Voxengo GlissEQ.


Ok I just purchased the Crunch/Gliss combo

I added the Gliss app to my layout and it really bogs it down so that it won;t play in real time..

Looks like what I will have to do is take my original stereo recording (which is converted from 16/44 to 32/96 using r8Brain pro) and have a seperate layout to run it thru Gliss (and maybe Crunch)..

From what I can tell GlissEQ is really a de-esser..

I need your help as to how to set up Gliss to give me the most seperation during the extraction process as i already have de-essing in the main app

by using your TubeAmp plugin, I usually do not need too much de-essing..

The Crunch app shows 4 inputs and 2 outputs - for inputting a stereo signal I assume I just ignore inputs 3 and 4?


GlissEQ is not a de-esser for sure - but it has an unusual filter sound.

To separate needed frequencies you will need to use its Low-pass and High-pass filter bands.

GlissEQ should not cause CPU overloads as well - please tell me your audi configuration.

Yes, you may ignore inputs 3 and 4 in Crunchessor - they are side-chain signal inputs.

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