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to route / record soft synths to audio tracks ?

How do I use the recorder plugin. ?

Any help or instruction is greatly appreciated


Recorder plug-in is not fully suited to bounce multiple tracks to WAV files.  However, working with a single synth track at a time should be OK.

Simply press the Browse button, select output WAV file name.  Then select Bit depth and press Start.  Then start playback in audio host.  Press Stop in the Recorder plug-in when you are done recording.

I wanted to covert one soft synth at a time, of course, to audio,

using either a Project 5 V 2 or Reason synth in SONAR 4PE.

Do I select the DXi track or the midi track in Sonar ?

The recorder says MME device: do I choose the output of the softsynth from the soundcard it's connected to ?

For example .. track 16 is a reason synth track rewired in Sonar, do I insert the voxengo recorder there, choose the soundcard the synth its connected to in the recorder MME window, then start playback in sonar then hit start on the Voxengo recorder ?  Does this sound right ?

Thanks for the help


You do not have to adjust MME device as this option is not used for file output.  I thought Sonar 4 has 'track freeze' feature.  Why would you need Recorder plug-in?

I wanted to try something different !

And it worked perfectly, thanks for the help !

I DO use the freeze function in Sonar


Also I like to create samples of myself to use in Reason.

That's the REAL reason I was using it - simple, beautiful, very easy to use,

and I en dup with a lot of good samples I can trigger in reason.

Thanks Again



Aleksey, could you explain further why the recorder is not suited for multiple tracks?

Yesterday, in conjunction with my purchase of the Marquis, I took the opportunity to test the recorder and I was a bit stunned about it, let me explain:

For many years I have noticed a slight veil to the sound after exporting audio mixes from my host (Sonar).  Many people have discussed this issue regardless what host they use.  Some people hear difference in Pro Tools bounces and exports and so on.

Anyway, yesterday I placed your recorder on my mixbus in Sonar.  I choosed the SPDIF-option before MME in the recorder since I listen to audio that exits through my SPDIF connection.  I did hit play on the recorder and then play in Sonar.

The difference between this file and the exported-form-host-file is significant and the recorder-recorded file sounds better.  Better in terms of separation, dynamics and clarity.  I immediately felt very enthusiastic about it.  So now I ask myself why does it sound different, and perhaps - better?

Could it be that when I record with the recorder I actually record audio that is clocked from the same clock (samplerate) that I use when monitoring?

Could it be so that an export is not subject to usage of the audio clock at all and instead is a pure calculation within the host?

One more question:

What, exactly does the recorder record?  If I place it on my mixbus in Sonar is the recorder picking up the stream exactly there or is is picking up the stream in my soundcards SPDIF-line?

I'd be happy if you jumped in here Aleksey.

Recorder takes audio data like any FX plug-in, but instead of processing it, re-routes it to the file or MME output.  In both cases dithering takes place as well (if output is not 32-bit float).  That's it, nothing else is performed.

Thank you Aleksey.

So the recorder is just picking up the audio data from the point where it is inserted, right?

If the recorder is set to 24 bits, is 24 bit dithering taking place?

I've concluded, after some hours of testing, that there is an obvious benefit of using the recorder (at 32 float) in contrast to bouncing either tracks or whole mixes within Sonar.

The only answer I have to this is that the audio is caught in real time when the audio is clocked from (in my case) a very good clock.  Bouncing audio gives it a jittery feel and I believe it very much has to do with the fact that the audio is not processed in real time.  So...I think its all a matter of a good clock.

I have to say that this is the most vital quality lift I have ever encountered when mixing in a DAW.  It's amazing that your free product can keep the body, clarity and fullness of audio absolutely intact.  The recorder is certainly a way of growing out from the veiled digital grainy-ness.

My deepest respect to you Aleksey.  I will exclusively use only your plugs for my forthcoming album.  I can only think of Voxengo when it comes to mixing, exporting and samplerate conversions.

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