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I've been looking for this type of plugin pretty much.

I was very pleased that you have released it, and even better it's free!

Thnak you for your effort and really appreciate everything you made.

I'm going to use it as something like a plugin delay compensator(?)

to add some dealy to insert plugin which cannot support ADC.

But I can't detect the exact amount of samples delayed by the plugin

like Algoithmix or Waves LinEQ which introduce large amount of


Is there any way to measure the exact sample which delayed by

a VST plugin?  I know I can insert the same VST plugin to match

plugin delay between different tracks, but I don't want to wate

DSP power for just simple delay.

If I can detect sample delay precisely, sample delay plugin will

be perfect solution for large sample delay plugins and phase accurate

mixing in ITB world.

Jay Kim

Lighted Thatre Studio

It is not possible to detect latency introduced by a plug-in automatically.  You may only do it manually by processing some sound and measuring the delay.
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