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Forums     Plugins     Elephant "gain match" shortcut gone in V 4.5?

There was a function where you could press shift (or alt, or ctrl, dont remember) and the output gain decreased as much as you increased the input gain, making it easier to hear what actually happened, and making the setting stay there.

It seems like this function is gone?

Is this replaced by the EVAL button?

So there is no way of making the output gain decrease and stay at that value, when gaining in?

Yes, this function is unavailable now as you can now use Eval switch to make sonic comparisons.

Got it.  However the eval switch doesnt stay in position when I´m opening the project file the next time (logic).

Now I first have to EVAL, then click on the output gain, and write the input gain number as a minus value, to make it stay that way.

It was so smart and easy when it was just one click, and the out gain changed with the in gain.

Theres no way to make it behave "the old way"?


I'll try to re-implement this feature in some future update.  There are difficulties in implementing it as output gain control is now non-linear whereas input gain control is linear.
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