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I've been listening to the EL-C briefly and it is sounds quite nice on a mastering project.  From default I brought down the ch linking 20% and brought up the TransTime and TransShape resulting in a smooth and dynamic export.

Again, brief use but promising results.  Thanks for your dedication to the continuous development of Elephant.

You are welcome, I'm glad you are finding a good use for EL-C mode.  EL-C mode has a different distortion profile to EL-4, it's not "better" in major way, but for some cases it may give a clearer sound.  There are cases where it sounds worse (mainly when harmonic-rich bass is together with sibilant sounds), but they are relatively rare.

I just tried using it on a stereo mixdown master bus with zero gain, just catching the occasional peaks and I compared it with another respected limiter.  The resulting track using EL4.5 EL C 8x Classic and settings mentioned in the original post has a clarity and open sound without harshness.
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