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Looking for help and assuming my issue is user error.  In Sound Forge 2.0.5 on Mac OS X, when using Elephant v4.4 VST (or other Voxengo plug -ins such as Crunchessor), in real-time application and after processing the plug in, the resulting audio is only on one of two stereo channels.  I have experienced this on a Windows version of Sound Forge and older versions of Voxengo plug-ins as well.  I have never been able to figure it out, and so find myself using Digital Performer when I want to use Voxengo plug-ins for mastering stereo files.  I find Sound Forge is a much more efficient tool for quick and dirty mastering, and would love to use Voxengo in Sound Forge.  Any advice?

My suggestion is to tell SoundForge staff about this problem.  Voxengo plugins were correctly designed and work fine in a majority of host audio application which means if they misbehave in some audio application it may mean that application does something wrong in their VST specification implementation.

Will do.  Thanks, Aleksey!
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