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Forums     Plugins     Elephant Too high input signals can break Elephant

Hi Aleksey,

here a REAPER project which will break Elephant (4.4 x64 VST3). "Clipping incidents" readout seems to overflow too:

Happens because of the high output from Track 1 (ReaXcomp).

Disabling ReaXcomp + stop/start plbayck doesn't fix it.  You need to change Oversampling mode in Elephant too (to make it work properly again).

Maybe something that can be fixed?

Best regards!


This is not Elephant's bug.  ReaXcomp also hangs with the same 1.$ level readout.  In ReaXcomp set the Master Gain to -8.2 and Ratio to 0.27.

Probably ReaXcomp produces a NaN at certain extreme settings.

Alright, thanks!  Will foward it to the REAPER devs.

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