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I use several of your plug-ins with Merging Technology's Pyramix 9.1.8, and Izotope RX5 Advanced under Windows 7.  In the Global Settings, I have chosen the Auto Oversampling Level to be 4x.  I would like to determine whether Pyramix or RX5 communicate properly with the plug-ins, signifying when a non-real time bounce is occurring, which in turn would cause the Voxengo plug-ins to function with 4x oversampling while using the "Auto" setting.  Most of my projects are done in a 96 kHz. sample rate.

Would it be a reasonable test to have a project open in either program, instantiate a Voxengo Plug-in, like Elephant, set it to "Auto" and then time how long it takes to complete a non-real time bounce, then immediately change the Voxengo plug-in to "4x", do the bounce and time it once more.  Wouldn't a 4x oversampling operation take more time (maybe not 4 times as long, but longer), than the 1x oversampling which I assume the "Auto" setting would be, should either program fail to communicate its "offline" or non-real time status?  Would identical times indicate that both were done at the same oversampling?

I can't think of any other way to determine whether the plug-ins are operating at 1x or 4x while set to "Auto", but perhaps you can suggest something.

A second question: Why doesn't Curve EQ offer the oversampling option?  It seems to me that equalization is one of those processes which could benefit...

Thanks for any guidance you can provide.

Frank Lockwood

Lockwood ARS -

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Toronto, ON, Canada

Host DAW: Merging Technologies' Pyramix 11.0.4 (64 bit) AND 9.1.10 (32 bit)

System: Windows 7 SP1 64 bit on Mac Mini (6.2) via Bootcamp 5.1.5621

Windows 7 SP1 32 bit on MacBook Pro (3.1) computer via Bootcamp 4.0.4033.

Curve EQ, Deft Compressor, Elephant, GlissEQ, HarmoniEQ, LF Max Punch, Polysquasher2, Polysquasher3, Soniformer, TransGainer, Voxformer; also Deconvolver.

Indeed, there are no means available to easily check for offline mode existence in a particular host - this feature tends to be "optional" for implementation.  But indeed you can try measuring time it takes to bounce a track.

CurveEQ won't benefit from oversampling, because it does not have issues with "frequency warping" distortion of EQ shape near the highest frequency.

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