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Forums     Plugins     Elephant Elephant 4.1 has a problem when used on a mono track in Sonar

Elephant 4.1 seems to oscillate when used on a mono track.  It does it in Sonar X3 and Sonar Platinum.

Switching the track to "stereo" (in Sonar) solves the problem.

The oscillation is not audible but causes the "right" bar graph meter to stay in the red

and the Elephant limiter is not functioning when this oscillation occurs.

Note: I am using the 64 bit VST3 on a Windows 8.1 system.

This does not happen here, in Sonar Platinum, also 64-bit VST3.  However, I will check it out.  Meanwhile consider using VST2 version of the plugin, maybe it does not have this issue.

I tried the VST2 and it works properly (no oscillation).

More info on the VST3:

You must turn up the input gain (in Elephant) to 7 or greater for the oscillation to occur.

The oscillation occurs when Elephant is set to "default stereo" and used in a mono track.

It also occurs in "dual mono" mode, in the right channel only, when turning up right gain.

Changing Elephant to "mono to stereo" or "force mono" solves the problem.

Let me know if I can be of any more assistance.

I still can't reproduce the issue.  I suggest you to direct it to Sonar developers, the issue can be due to Sonar feeding incorrect data to Elephant in the second channel.
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