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Just got the new 4.1 version last night, sounds great :)

I am trying to find the very most transparent setting to just knock the very tops off the waveforms to get a touch more loudness.  I am using the TDR Kotelnikov compressor before and getting the sound I want, but little peaks are still coming through I need suppressing.

Setting the knee to 0 works to stop it distorting the bulk of the signal, are there any other particular settings I should be looking at for only 2-3db on occasional peaks every 4-5 seconds?  Any recommended presets?

Ideally I want it to sound like there is no limiting.  I am recording and playing back at 88.2.  Cheers!

My low distortion limiter settings:

Algorithm: EL-4

DRC and EL-Dyn OFF

Classic Transition

Linking and Knee as you'd like (using it may replace your need for the Koltelnikov)

Timing 100.0

RLS/ATK Ratio - 2 to 1

RLS Shape - all the way down to -1

Trans Time - all the way up to 10

Trans Shape - -0.50

Basically, the slower you can make any reactive process, the less it will change the shape of your waveforms.  Of course, this means that it may pass certain very quick peaks.

Frank Lockwood

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Thanks Frank!  I will give that a try...

Aleksey, anything to add?  Thanks.

OK, i tried it out.

My findings were that Elephant imparts a slight 'grain' on everything as soon as there is any gain reduction at all.  Its subtle, but I heard it every time in a blind test.

Koltelnikov does not have the grain, but it also can't seem to limit the peaks in a way that can get my voiceover to the -16LUFS I want.  It has a very natural sound, but maybe not the firm 'no nonsense' voiceover sound, it is more like the original unprocessed recording.

I tried your settings with 100% knee as the only compression (as you suggested) and the results were excellent... apart from that slight grainy sound.  I tried the 0% knee just to shave the peaks with Koltelnikov before it, but the grain was there too.

Koltelnikov has a purer sound but not the limiting ability.  If I am using Elephant on the voiceover I would use it in 100% knee mode and not use Koltelnikov at all.

Setting up Elephant for VO is a dream, its set and forget :) Really excellent vocal compression, very solid without nasty pumping.  It's just not as real/hifi sounding as Koltelnikov, it's a little more distorted/digital sounding.

As the main medium for the voiceover is Youtube I will probably stick with Elephant with your settings and 100% knee.  If it were for a hifi recording I would use Koltelnikov and sod the volume level! :)

THANKS for your input on this.  I read somewhere else Elephant with EL-4 and 100% knee was great for voiceover, and it's true.

My only comment is if you set Trans Time to 10 there can't be technically any "grain" added to the sound, because artifact sonics will be around 100 Hz which can't sound grainy at all.

From my experience the "grain" may present in the original sound while the processing may augment it.  Of course, other kind of algorithm can reduce it (or actually, mask it), but at the same time take another microphone recording chain and the results may be quite opposite.

As far as I know, for audiophiles the recording, processing and playback chain is important as a whole, change an element and it won't sound as desirable.

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