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Forums     Plugins     Elephant Knob tweaking issue?

Thanks!  Is it happening in Varisaturator only?  Do you have some other Voxengo plugins, preferrably updated in the last year where the same issue happens?

I own Varisaturator and Elephant V3 and i happens in them both.

Which version of Elephant V3 are you using?

Version 3.11, VST 32bit

Thank you!  Do you use an external mouse with your setup?  Or are you using laptop's touchpad only?

I'm using an external wireless mouse.

I was unable to reproduce this issue.  I also have a laptop with a wireless mouse and 2nd external display.  This seems to be a rare issue without a chance to debug it.  So, please use the Tablet mode as it's the only way to overcome the knob "jumping".

You are running Windows 8.1 in your setup?

FL Studio 11 32bit version?

I've tested in Windows 7, though, but knowing a very good backwards compatibility history of Windows, I do not think Win8.1 is different.  I've tried FLStudio 11 32-bit version.
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