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I have some issue with all of my Voxengo plugins recently - clicking and dragging any knob on any of my plugins is way too sensitive now and it's practically makes it unable to tweak plugins parameters.

I'm using Elephant and Varisaturator 32Bit versions with FL Studio 11, on a W8.1 machine.

Issue just started suddenly out of nowhere.

Best Regards

You can adjust the sensitivity in the Global settings.

Iv'e tried to do that, it seems to be something else, some kind of bug - you drag your mouse for less than 1mm and it instantly jumps all the way to the end of the dial.

Is this an instance where you have a) multiple monitors and b) your "main" monitor is on the right and c) the plugin instance is on the left (secondary) monitor?

My suggestion is to enable the Tablet mode in the Global settings.

Also make sure you are not dragging the indicator of the knob, because if the Radial mode was enabled, it will jump to where you've pointed the mouse cursor.

Also knowing your setup would be useful indeed - how many screens do you have, whether or not you are using a tablet.

Ok, tablet mode solved the issue, maybe it's just a workaround but it works fine now.

I'm using a laptop + external monitor.

Do you have any special mouse drivers installed?  I suspect that the knob "jumps" erratically because Voxengo plugins changes mouse cursor visibility when controls are dragged.  Since the "Tablet mode" does not change mouse cursor visibility, there is no "jump" happens.

Also, could you tell when this "jump" happens - when you start to drag the knob, or after you release the mouse button?

No special mouse drivers, I start to drag and after about 10% it jumps very quickly to around 90%.

ferez21: No special mouse drivers, I start to drag and after about 10% it jumps very quickly to around 90%.

Could you please record a video of this behavior?  Even a blurry phone camera quality video will be enough - just please include the whole screen where the plugin resides.  You can send a link or video to

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