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Forums     Plugins     Elephant "Bypass" in "Minimal Infrastructure" mode possible?

Hi Aleksey,

I was just wondering if it would be possible to include the "Bypass" button, even when your plugins are in "Minimal Infrastructure" mode, in a future update.  I like the extra size of the meters and the clean look of the minimal mode, but I am then really missing the "Bypass" button, particularly in Elephant where it's needed with the "Eval" button to make volume matched A/B comparisons.  I also miss it in MSED.

Best wishes,


Thank you for suggestion, but Bypass button was removed in the Min Infrastructure mode, because many hosts offer bypass button anyway, so I'm not planning to include it.

Thanks for the reply.  Unfortunately in Audiomulch there is no quick and easy way to Bypass plugins.  I'd say particularly with Elephant, that it was pretty essential to have both "Eval" and "Bypass" easily available at all times in order to make accurate volume matched A/B comparisons.  I guess I'll just have to keep using them in regular mode.

Another pretty please Aleksey?  I love Min Infrastructure as it allows the meters to be larger and more detailed from further away from the screen, but I am really missing the Bypass in that mode!

I'll include the Bypass switch into the "Min infrastructure" mode in the next update.

Thank you Aleksey, you are a star!!! :)
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