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Does anyone use the George Yohng VST Wrapper as a host for Foobar ?

I came across some strange behavior in combination with the newer Voxengo Plug Ins, like Elephant 4, or Span.  I made sure it was not due to renaming the dll.s by a fresh install of Polysqasher, but no chance.

The VSTs show up correctly and even the GUI and the metering works, but there is no sound.  Checked the audio setup and routing, but everything seems to be O.K.

Older Voxengo Plugins like Elephant 2, GlissEQ or Marquis work flawlessly.

I think only the ones with the newer colorful graphics don´t like this host.

In Cubase, Wavelab and even in a VST bridge for Winamp all plug ins work well ( Win XP SP3)

Any ideas, because otherwise this host seems to work fine ?

Thanks & Greetings


Sorry, I should have searched older postings first.

It indeed seems, that the VST wrapper not being able to handle VST 2.4 versions is the source of the problem.

The alternative VST wrapper foo vst.dll works.

Unfortunately it is not as stable and comfortable as the other one.  But at least it is an option.

Thanks & Greetings


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