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I just installed Elephant 4 (great plugin by the way).  However I noted that the installation path forced you to add 'Voxengo' to the end.  I install plugins to different folders based on the type of the plugin.  So in my VST Plugins directory.I have folders named 'Dynamics', 'EQ', 'Reverb' and so on.  This makes it a lot easier to organise things within my DAW.

Anyway, I continued with the installation of Elephant 4, and then moved the actual plugin to the 'Dynamics' directory.  I then searched the Registry for 'Elephant' and found keys under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Voxengo\AudioPluginsInstall called DirVST2_32 and DirVST2_64.  The latter was set to the path used by the installer.  It appears then that all Voxengo plugins from now on may be expecting to be installed into this single folder.  I suspect though that I'm not the only one to organise their plugins the way I do.  Any chance of a simple zip download for users who like to set things up like this?  The plugins would only need to know the path to the manual, which could actually be a constant value (I have no problem with all the manuals being in the same folder - this would tidy up my VST Plugins folder no end!).

Sorry we have discontinued ZIP due to distribution file size considerations.

You can install the plug-ins to any folder, "Voxengo" suffix is not forced - just remove it after selecting a folder.

Thanks Aleksey.  I installed this under Windows 7 Home Premium x64 but could not delete the 'Voxengo' from the path in the installer.  This was after pressing the button to browse to a folder.  I tried using both the Delete and Backspace keys with no luck.  I also tried simply using Ctrl+C to copy the contents of the text box, intending on removing the 'Voxengo' in Notepad and then pasting it back in, but the text didn't copy either.  Weird huh?  In the end I simply edited the path in the Registry.  I suspect the installer will default to this path (my Dynamics folder) for future installs.  Will worry about that when it happens I guess.
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