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Forums     Plugins     Elephant I would love to use Elephant 4 as an AAX x64 in my DAW.

The new features seem nice, but my current Elephant install is only useful in the DAW I am retiring.

My current DAW uses AAX x64 so I purchased PSP Xenon as a substitute.  I like Elephant better than Xenon but I'm only using that old DAW for archived projects.

How about Elephant 4.+ for AAX x64?

I'd pay for that. :-)

This is in the plans, but can't tell when AAX plug-ins will be released.

+1 for AAX64 native Mac ;) I've purchased many Voxengo products but don't use them anymore because I'm no longer able to wrap them on the AAX64 platform… Would love to upgrade to Elephant 4!

A working workaround:

Blue Cat Audio offers 2 plugins, which can host VST-Plugins: Blue Cat's PatchWork and Blue Cat's MB-7.

Insert one of these as an AAX in ProTools, and within the plugin you can load one or more VST-Plugins (only VST 2.4 at the moment).  64bit-AAX requires 64bit-VSTs.

At the moment this is the only way to use VST-Plugins in PT11.

Thanks for the tip about PatchWork.
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