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I don't know if this has been already suggested, but it would be nice if one could specify a target (average) RMS Power to which Elephant would boost the track.

best, drjee

This is not a good idea in my opinion as you can reach the desired level tweaking just a single In Gain knob and looking at the RMS meters.  With limiters the relation between In Gain and the reached RMS power (on the level when limiting occurs) is very non-linear that's why it is impossible to create a stable 'auto gain' result.

well, I was asking this because if wnt want to achieve a constant RMS power over several tracks this could be a great feature.  The meters are changing constantly so it is impossibile to judge what the final outcome would exactly be.  So the feature I asked for would be extremely useful.  Maybe, it could wourk liek this: scan the total file (rep. the total selected region for processing) within elephant. with this information it should be possible to type in a target RMS power (average over the total file) and elephant automatically ajust the input accordingly so that the target is met.

best, drjee

With VST plug-in architecture scanning the whole file is not possible in most cases (there is so called 'offline processing' exists, but it is hardly used anywhere other than WaveLab).  So such compensation is not possible to do automatically.  Probably some audio editors can perform automatic normalization of a set of files.  You could perform it on a 32-bit files and normalize to -30 dB RMS, for example, and then apply Elephant with the same settings on all normalized files.  This should give the same result in a much quicker way.

thanks for the tip.  I am using audition and unfortunately it does not seem to have RMS-based normalisation.  Im not sure but I guess it would have the ability of "offline processing" when used in wave-editor view. since elephant is a mstering tool, I suppose many people might use it in something like wavelab which offers "offline processing". so, maybe, it would make sense to implement it in a future version of elephant? just a hope.

best, drjee

drjee - Audition has the 'Group Waveform Normalize' feature in the multitrack section view that will give you the stats of all the songs loaded into the project - look under the Edit features in the multitracker and you'll see it.  That tool gives what Audition considers loudness stats based on average and eq-loudness curves.

In the Audition Editor view you can get the stats for each song (double click on a song in the multitracker) which includes rms, max rms, average, peak, etc.  It's under Analyze-->Stats.

It's a very useful tool for sure.  Like you guys are talking about you could then put Elephant on the master bus and all the songs would be processed thru it.  You'll still have to adjust volume handles since normalizing to rms or average gets you in the ballpark but it needs fine tuning by ear.

Then with the meters on Elephant you can see where you are relative to K-12 or your own dynamics scale.

thanks kylen,

I use the statistics in editor view all the time, but, since I always work in this view, I was nit aware of this feature in multi track view. thanks for pointzing me to this.  It's, however, strange that this is not abvailable in editor view. but then, there are so many stramge things in the world ;-)

still it would be cool to be able to do this within elephant. maybe, one day...

drjee, it's not practical to do such track level-aligning in a plug-in.  Too cumbersome.

I have tried using RMS values to match loudness on 2 different tracks and It just didn't work.  Probably I don't know what I am doing, but I have found the best way is just to do it by ear, unless you have a nicely calabrated hardware VU meter.

After mixing two or more songs (That are to be part of an album/set/whatever) , I take them away from the computer on my iPod and listen through a few times, maybe even from time to time over a few days.  I then have a pretty good feel over which track is loudest and softest etc... and it's usually just a case of adjusting the relative input gain settings to compensate.

I do a similar thing with Soniformer and the slope setting to adjust the bass/treble levels accross the several songs.

(N.B. iPod sucks, this is not an indorsement, but the soundquality is adiquate and I can't afford another MP3 player)

This topic was created before release of the latest product version, and it may contain details irrelevant to this version.  Replying is disabled for this topic.