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Has anyone had luck using Elephant 3.7 or 3.8 in Wavelab, in 5.1 mode.

At present wavelab 5 says elephant can't handle this amount of channels.

Crunchessor seems ok however in 5.1 mode.

I can't tell much about the cause of this problem - to my knowledge, WaveLab had problems with multi-channel plugins in "montage" but not on the master section.  Can't tell why Crunchessor works and Elephant does not - if you are talking about the latest Crunchessor, it's not different to Elephant in its multi-channel capability.

It's happening in the master section, not the montage.

Understood - I supposed this was happening in montage because such issue was reported several times before.  But maybe it also happens in master section likewise.  I have WaveLab5 demo - and I can't test this since wavelab does not allow me to create a new 5.1 file - it is limited to mono,stereo and dual mono only.  WaveLab5 is quite dated and I suggest you to update to a later version.

Hi Aleksey,

Sorry for the late reply, however I have been absent for a couple of weeks.

Regarding wavelab 5, the montage section does fully support 5.1 projects as well as DVD audio projects.

It supports all the appropriate channel routing such as L, R, C, LFE, Ls and Rs.



I was referring to WaveLab5 demo - it is probably demo limitation.  This means that unfortunately, I can't debug this issue myself.  But since the latest plug-ins work fine in multi-channel configuration in the latest Steinberg hosts, I'm pretty use it may be WaveLab5 problem which will never get fixed since it's a dated version.
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