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i had a bit of confusion with the update because i assumed that 3.8 was an update of it's own and was to be applied to 3.7.2 which would then become "updated."

that is how most of the updates i have worked with have taken place.

anyway, i seem to have both versions of elephant in my vst folder now and the existing 3.7.2 instances that i have on my projects are still there as 3.7.2. any new instances that i insert are version 3.8. how do i get the 3.7.2 instances to update to 3.8?


This happened because you placed the new Elephant.DLL into some different folder - otherwise v3.7.2 instances would have been updated to v3.8.

ok i'll move 3.8 into the 3.7.2 folder.

thank you.

You are welcome!

it appears i needed to delete 3.7.2 from the folder in order for those instances to update to 3.8. i had been a little reluctant to "just try that and hope it works." it did


thanks again.

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