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Elephant 3.8

1. "Graph" window still not smooth enough in my opinion (especially the waveform view).

2.  Mouse backward and forward buttons only work on "Metering" and "Graph" modes but not on "Limiter" modes!


We are not able to get the graph to run smoother - this requires use of special timer and vertical refresh sync - these features can't be used in a common DAW environment due to high CPU load they induce.  Smooth graphics is for games mainly.

Maybe you've seen a really smooth graphics of this kind (with high refresh frequency and big graph size) in some other plug-in?  If somebody did that we can probably do that, too.

Note that spectrum display uses similar refresh techniques, but it looks smooth, because it does not have a time-line.

"Limiter" modes are not parameter values, technically speaking, they are presets and they are not enumerated in any way - we can't implement backward/forward button support for their selection at the moment.


Maybe you can check this plugin:

Dandruff: Maybe you can check this plugin:

I do not find it to be smoother than what Elephant's graph has got now.

Thanks for the update, Aleksey, Elephant is on every tune here, and getting better with each update, great product:)!

Best regards,


You are welcome!

By the way, future plug-in updates will also allow scrolling though the mode presets using the forward/backward mouse button or mouse wheel.

Cool, thanks!
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