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I have noticed when using Elephant (demo version which I am considering purchasing) and other Voxengo plugins such at Stereo Touch, that there is often an audible click at the start of the track after applying the effect.

i.e.  Elephant is plugged into a track - I bounce the track so as to destructively apply the effect - the new bounced track has a click/pop at the start (which I have to manually delete).

I have use various plugins from various developers without any problem, and am quite certain it is specifically Voxengo plugins that cause the click/pop.

My DAW is Sonar Home Studio 6 on Windows WP.

I am interested to know why I get a click/pop, and if there is any way to stop it.


What version are you using?  I think I remember the first release of the 3.x Elephant had a click when it was engaged.  This was dealt with in subsequent revisions. (It's up to 3.7.2 now.)

The demo versions also have either a tone or a periodic dropout that's engineered to encourage you to pay for the software so the dropout will go away.  Is that what you're encountering?


I have the latest version, only downloaded a few weeks ago.

Yes, I am aware of the periodic dropout.

My issue is a click/pop at the very beginning of the track once you've bounced it (i.e. applied the effect offline, resulting in a new track).  I have noticed this with Stereo Touch as well.  It is literally right at the start of the track and lasts only for about 1 second.

Occassionally with Voxengo plugins I have also noticed this pop as soon as I hit Play in Sonar when a Voxengo effect is plugged into a track.

To my knowledge, Sonar had problems with "clearing" plug-in's state on playback restart (this includes bouncing) - I've noticed this problem with some reverbs that had reverb tail going from the time the playback was stopped.  I even specifically talked about it with Cakewalk staff.  This problem was fixed, but not in Sonar 6 I think - the fix appeared in the later version.  This problem can't be fixed from plug-in's side.

Thanks Aleksey.

Interestingly, if I bounce once it usually has the click, but if I then bounce again the second one usually doesn't.

You are welcome!
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