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I am running Windows XP.  I have the 32-bit Windows version of the Elephant VST plug-in, version 3.7.2.  I have Audacity version 1.2.6.  It is, as you know, a VST audio host, so I thought putting the Elephant.dll file in Audacity's "Plug-Ins" directory and restarting the app would get Elephant to appear in the lower section of the Effect menu.  The Audacity documentation states: "Any items which appear after these built-in effects are VST, Ladspa, or Nyquist plug-ins." As a VST-compliant plug-in, Elephant should be there.  But it's not.  I'll ask here and over the Audacity forums to see if anyone has a clue as to why this isn't working.  Thanks in advance for any help.

First of all, please make sure you have downloaded Win 32-bit variant of Elephant plug-in.

I did make sure that I had downloaded the 32-bit variant of the plug-in, but what I failed to realize was that Audacity 1.2.x requires an additional VST Enabler plug-in to be downloaded and installed in order to make it work with third-party VST plug-ins, and that the latest 1.3.x BETA of Audacity has that facility built into the core app code.  So I downloaded and installed the Audacity BETA, and the Elephant plug-in works just fine with it.  Sorry for not full researching the situation before posting.

OK, I'm glad you have it working now.
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