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Just bought Elephant and installed and registered it.  I here Audio but none of the meters or knobs work in Digital Performer 7.2.  Running it as Audio Units.  Sounds fine.  When I hit bypass I hear the level drop but but no visual feedback.  Can this be made to work or can I get a refund?  OSX 10.6.5
Ken Kugler

The problem with Voxengo plug-ins not operating correctly on the secondary monitor on Mac OS X is known and we are looking for a fix.  The plug-in will work as expected if put on the primary monitor.

Aleksey, could you please enforce this?  The bug has been around for a while now.

It's so terribly annoying having to use this on the primary monitor.


We can't do much at the moment.  However, I've noticed that with the latest Mac OS X 10.6 updates plug-ins work in at least Logic Pro 9 when put on the secondary monitor, so some movement happens without our involvement.

Same problem with Elephant on Wavelab 7... no way to have visual feedback, no way to move it.  Recall preset works but no way to move the cursor or switch.


This problem will be hopefully fixed this summer as we are planning to move to Cocoa user interface, we will also offer 64-bit AudioUnits.
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