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Forums     Plugins     Elephant Unable to change the EL DYN parameter on the latest version (3.7.1)


It seems as if I am no longer able to choose any of the additional dynamic response options (it says "OFF" and the button is greyed out) in the mode editor.  I am on EL UNI mode, which usually allows one to change the abovementioned parameter.

Is this just me or are other people experiencing this issue?

On the topic, is there any detailed info available as to what each of these response options does to the audio signal?  The difference is very slight - is it more of a 'personal taste' thing?  It would be great to know what's happening "under the hood" :)

Thanks again for the amazing plugins!  I am checking out the Soniformer Mac demo today, looks amazing!



Oh I forgot to mention it is the VST version on Mac OS X, via FXpansion VST to RTAS adapter.  I did not have this issue on the previous version (3.7)

Thanx :)

I'm sorry for the issue - I plan to release a fix in a couple of days.

EL Dyn is a "personal taste" parameter, it subly affects the dynamical behavior of the limiter.

EL Dyn settings are most apparent when heavy compression is going on.  If gain reduction hits 1-2 dB you won't hear much difference.

No problemo :) Just though I'd report it and make sure I wasn't the only one.

Keep up the amazing work!  I wait patiently for RTAS versions but the wrapper does the trick for now!  But that is a discussion for another thread.. ;) Somiformer is quite amazing!  So many parameters haha, lots of experimentation.  Hope to purchase it soon whilst intro pricing is in effect.

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