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I love my Elephant!

I was just wondering if there was any consideration to make an optional attack mode.  This could work just like the optional release mode.

I appreciate that in a large amount of cases, this mode would be redundant.  However, there are some uses for a slightly longer attack time, especially as a track limiter rather than a master buss limiter.

This can help to keep stray peaks under control in a more natural way than immediate peak limiting.

While this would of course mean that the output level would need to be set very carefully in the case of master processing, it could provide a softer and more 'analogue style' limiting that could be very useful in some cases.

So would you consider this, or is there another plugin to your range that would offer very similar results?

The "Trans Time" represents the "attack" control - it basically controls the attack time.

I had always used it like that, but I guess I had just never set it long enough to actually get overs.

Thanks for the clarification - I shall experiment further with this parameter.

Elephant being a brickwall limiter won't produce overshoots at any transient time setting.

In the limiter in the Sonnox Dynamics module, longer attack times allow overshoots.

So if using longer trans-time settings in Elephant, can you please explain what happens to transients before the trans-time has been fully realised?  Do they just clip?

Or is this trans-time more closely related to the shape parameter in this case and less like a traditional attack time?

Sorry about all the questions, just good to know exactly what is happening straight from the source!

But it does sound like I should just use the Sonnox Dynamics limiter module should I want to limit with overshoots, and stick to using Elephant on my master buss.

No hard clipping occurs.  Trans time is related to the "shape" parameter.  It is not a traditional "attack" time, but does allow one to control "speed" of attack with higher "Trans time" settings producing "rounder" sound.
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