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Forums     Plugins     Elephant Can't get Elephant upgrade to install


I tried to install the upgrade for Elephant but it won't register.  I tried removing the old version but it didn't help.

Any suggestions?

Is the new version of Elephant a free upgrade?  I thought it was but it still won't register.

Since your Elephant V2 purchase was within the "grace period", going from V2 to V3 is free for you.  Please use the new Elephant product key to authorize Elephant V3.

I tried the new product key for V3 but I didn't see that V3 should be installed over V2.  I removed V2 from the folder where it normally is.  I will try putting V2 back where it should be and then reinstall V3 over it.

I can't think of anything else to try.



Elephant V3 does not require version 2.  Note that version 3 is authorized from within plug-in's own user interface - click on the Settings button.

I forgot to put the first part of the product key in- VOXEPH3.


Everything is fine now.

Thanks Aleksey.  This new version of Elephant is amazing.

You are welcome!
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