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Hello Aleksey,

I am happy user of your wonderful plug-ins (I have more than 10) and I work exclusively on classical music material (post-production on my own recordings) recorded in 96 kHz/24bit.

Due to very complete settings of Elephant and Polysquasher I am not sure to set the right one for my purposes.  Normally I need only to reduce dynamic and get more level, but WITHOUT changing the colour of sound.  I used already the clip mode, it is very neutral but I don't like the idea to "cut" peaks; I prefer smoother mode, but without artificials dynamic effects.

I just used today the High Gain preset at +2,5 (EL Uni / Trans = classic / El Dyn = off / Ch.Link = 40 /Trans Time = 0,75 / Trans Shape = 0,15) with 8x oversampling.

I like the result but I would appreciate your advice and some ideas of settings suitable for my use.

Thank you in advance

Jean-Martial Golaz

Recently I had the same task and I ended up using the Aigc-4 mode which seemed to distort the least.

But it always depends on the material.

As Unicorn replied, there can't be any definitive setting, because "clarity" of limiting and compression algorithm greatly depends on the frequency content of the sound material.

However, use of larger Trans Time and Knee values in Elephant may lead to a softer sound in general.

Thank you for these answers.

Of course I know that all of this depends on the sound material and thus there is no definitive fixed settings!  In this case I just made the master of a project Bach / solo violin ... and I'm interested to know what mode can be considered best suited to this source for only increase level and reduce the 4 or 5 peaks occurring during 1 hour of music, with the most inaudible and clean possible effect...

Also I am wondering if it's useful to set oversampling to 8x (=768 kHz!) rather than 4x (= 384 kHz) with 96 kHz audio ?  Any idea?

And again Alex: Bravissimo for your intelligent plug-ins sounding fantastic!


Jean-Martial Golaz

I suggest you to simply try the available modes and select the one which sounds best to you.

4x oversampling is usually enough for most uses.

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