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Forums     Plugins     Elephant Oversampling - difference in intersample overshoots


I've just bought elephant and am immediately impressed, it is certainly a lot more flexible (and cheaper!) than my TC Electronics Brickwall Limiter.

However, I've noticed that even when I engage 8x Oversampling in Elephant, if I place TC's Brickwall after it in upsampling mode, that the TC plugin is still limiting occasionally.

I'm wondering if anyone can shed any light on this?  Is it just that the TC plugin is a shade more careful?  Should I worry about this and follow up Elephant with Brickwall just to be safe?

Elephant does stop intersample overshoots in linear-phase case.  If you apply any non-linear phase filtering or oversampling after Elephant, new peaks will be introduced.  I think TC's Brickwall may add something here.

I will continue to check for overshoots with the TC limiter then, as it does this very very well.

Thanks for your quick reply.  Excellent service thankyou!

You are welcome!  However, I meant that TC brickwall may be changing the waveform somehow thus introducing new peaks.  You should really use dedicated meters like RME Digicheck (for RME audiocards).

Ah I see.....

TBH the whole intersample thing is a bit of a gray area anyway since there is margin for error/differences in almost any conversion.

Thanks for your answer.  I'm so totally impressed with the quality of your plugins and especially your service.  Will definitely be coming back to spend some more money here!!

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