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Forums     Plugins     Elephant Elephant too stiff??? (Aleksey please help)

Hello Aleksey,

i've been using the demo version of elephant 3.6 now extensively, but i'm not able to get it sound right in the sense of not stiff.  Whatever I change, whether the transient timings, the limiting profile, the dynamic parameter or knee or even a longer release time, the material sounds always very stiff.  First I thought it's a certain type of track, but then .... no it's seems to be the sounds of elephant.  I'm using elephant on electronic dance material mainly.  I hope you have some good advice for me, because i love that elephant is so versatile and thus i would also love to buy it.

much thanks in advance.

best regards,


Well, tastes differ- you should try competing limiters.  But in this sense, all limiters are "stiff", because they compress dynamic range.

Thanks for your reply Aleksey.  Yes of course, all limiters compress dynamic so they have something "in common".  Apart from testing Elephant, i'm already have the Flux Pure Limiter II, UAD Precision Limiter and TC Electronic MD3 Brickwall Limiter.  All the others do not sound as "stiff" as Elephant, they seems to "flow" with the material.  What i really like about Elephant is the way you can shape transients.  So, is there a trick with Elephant to get it sound right?

Elephant has a lot of modes - please check them out, they do not sound the same.
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