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Forums     Plugins     Elephant default highest oversampling for mixdown?

It seems the best solution, that the highest oversampling is by default used, when mixing down.

Why?  Because when a project is already "heavy", switching the oversampling values right before every mixdown (say several takes each after some playback) in every voxengo plugin might be not only impossible because of processor overload, but also time consuming.

just wanted to make: is this the case?

Please use the "Auto" oversampling option - it does engage the highest setting on bounce (the actual setting it uses is configured in the Global plug-in settings).

Does Auto get engaged by default when mixing down?  Or Whatever I set it to oversampling to (auto, 1x, etc), applies both mixdown as well as normal DAW operating?

"Auto" engages oversampling during mixdown only.  In real-time operation it uses 1x setting.
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