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Forums     Plugins     Elephant Voxengo AU plugins won't validate on Mac with multiple user accounts


This is a problem I've experienced with all Voxengo plugins I tried.  I post it in Elphant subforum since it is one of the plugins that's affected.

I share studio with others.  Each user has their own login/user account on the DAW (Mac Pro Xeon Quad w/ OS X 10.5.8, Logic 8.0.2).  I'm one of the administrators of the computer and have installed all Voxengo plugins from my account.

They are placed in the library/audio/plugins/component folder.

Validation runs smoothly on my account.  But on the other accounts the validation process stop responding or crashes Logic.  The plugins are not identified correctly.  Instead of the name of it the validation window displays a question mark.

I think this is not related to the plug-ins themselves, but to the "access rights".  I think this problem was reported and solved by one of the users.  You have to allow "read" access to the component to all users beside your main account.

I'll try it next time I'm at the studio.

Does the Voxengo AU plugins differ in structure from other companies plugins in that aspect?

I run plugins from UAD, PSP, Sonalksis, Audio Ease on the same system as the Voxengo plugins.  Most of them install to the general library.  I can't recall any similar problems with any of these.  With the exception from Celemonys latest addition Melodyne Editor.  It won't validate on any other user than the one it was installed by.

I'm not sure what we are doing differently - we have some pretty standard Mac bundles.  But I will investigate this issue more thoroughly, and if possible will fix it.

I think I know the reason for that - the distribution bundle has "no access" right for "everyone" by default.  I'll try to make it "Read only" by default.
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