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I was reading the manual for the dyn mode explanation

"The “EL Dyn” control selects additional dynamic response type used when the “EL-1”

or “EL UNI” algorithm is engaged.  Depending on the selected type Elephant will

reveal or hide subtle features of the sound when limiting happens: this control mainly

affects the aspect of temporal masking.  The “Off” option can be used to disable

additional dynamic response.  Note that sonic difference between all the offered

response types is subtle – you may choose the type in accordance with your subjective

feelings alone."

The thing is...  I don't get it :)

I have a favourite Dyn setting though (3) and I'd like to know if you could give more detailed describtion of what features are hidden with choosing the different modes.

I know the differences are very subtle, but I'd just like to know what happenes there exactly.

There are no "features" hidden.  EL Dyn modes have various "post effect" dynamic behaviors.  E.g. one mode may recover a little bit faster after gain reduction happened, another mode may recover later.
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