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Hi there

I ve tried elephant and it seems impressive (I 've actually tried some material that sounds better with some GR than without! incredible) but I have a few questions regarding its usage on some more punchy music (I am using acoustic drum samples with a strong punchy beat) The best sound for me, is where no limiting occurs at most of the song and on rare occasions there is just 1 -2 db of reduction.

What concerns me is about all those parameters that you have to adjust.

I your opinions what should I try to adjust first? which parameters tend to "bury" a loud snare and place it less in your face? what does make a clear strong beat sound more harsh?

Is EL-UNI mode better for this than the AIGC-4?  Should I check the release first ( I guess a slow release would smoothen the sound but also bury it a bit) the transient time and shape? the knee? channel linking?  El- dyn mode in EL-Uni has any impact on this?  I have read about the parameters and try to experiment, but I cant really make up my mind about the correct adjustments. its easy to go from punchy to harsh when some reduction is going on (your limiter of course is much much clearer than other...perhaps I just dislike the general sound of limiting on my beats)

If you or any other users have any pointers on this let me know so I can experiment more

Keep up the great work

I suggest you to focus on available pre-defined modes and select the one which suits you best.  The only parameter worth adjusting for starters is Trans Time - it most obviously affects the transient response.  The Release parameter allows you to achieve a cleaner, rounder sound, not necessarily "buried" one.

Thank you mr.Vaneev.

Do you find these settings insanely extreme? what kind of problems could they produce?


ch.linking 0% (this could damage the stereo image from what I read)

trans form:ASYM

trans time; 0.1

trans shape; 1


I do think these settings are very steep (aggressive), but if they sound OK for you, nothing to worry about.  I would not use Ch.Linking=0% for acoustical "sound stage" sound only.  For other material it may not be that bad.

Thanks again!  It offers very clean loudness (when not using much gain reduction) I will also try the sharp mode maybe with a smaller shape value.  I do not know why, but I prefer AIGC instead of EL-UNI for the type of stuff I am working on. (strong ,saturated beats from sampled drums)

It's an amazing product, so versatile that can sound like any other available limiter probably (but no other limiter can do what elephant does!)

You are welcome!  AIGC is fine to use.
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