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Forums     Plugins     Elephant Is Elephant 2 not available at all anymore?

So I'm looking to get a payware limiter as I have grown weary of freeware.

I was demoing elephant 3 (I had demo'ed elephant 2 awhile ago and thought it was excewllent).

Anyways long story short,

Elephant3 uses about 5% cpu on my PC.  I distintcly remember elephant2 using MUCH less than that.

So is it possible to still purchase Elephant 2 at all?

You are right, Elephant3 uses around 30% more CPU (e.g.  5% instead of 3.5% of the overall CPU resource).  However, Elephant2 is not on sale anymore.  The only way for you to obtain Elephant2 is try to buy a second-hand license from somebody.

Thats what I thought, but I figured I'd ask...  Ya never know!

Thanks Aleksey!

You are welcome!
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