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I'm a new user to Elephant and I'm loving it.  I master with LP7 and often automate parameter changes.  For some reason Elephant does not come up with the rest of my plug-ins when choosing a plug-in to automate.  Am I doing something wrong?  Or is this normal.

Usually I only change the Input Gain parameter so instead of automating Elephant I place a GAIN plug-in before Elephant and automate that.  This is a decent workaround but would rather automate Elephant directly.


I will check this out - to my knowledge, the automation should be working fine.  Elephant exposes a lot of parameters for automation.

Thanks.  I'll have to check if I put Elephant in the correct plug-in folder.  Just thought of this.

So I removed Elephant's component from the Component folder, ran Logic, then quit Logic and placed Elephant back into the Component folder.  When I ran Logic again it came up in the automation list as expected.  So everything seems fine.

OK, thanks for the update.  This seems to be some Logic's "quirk".  BTW, future update will fix automation values representation - right now they are non-conveniently represented in "generic" 0..1 range.  This will be fixed.
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