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Set to 20 Hz -24 steep and render to file.

Pick up the file in WaveLab and do FFT response analysis and low frequencies are still there, quite high, below 20 Hz all the way down.

I've tried several settings for the filter and for some reason it seems to not affect the response as it should.

Maybe not so fast...  Let me do some more testing.

It seems the FFT response plotting I was using is presenting significant error or I am not understanding it's method enough to utilize what it is showing.  The FFT is showing levels in the -60dB range down to less than 1 Hz even with very large analysis block sizes.

Using sine tones and normal metering, the output of Elephant is quite as expected.

FFT can't measure the power of the lowest frequencies precisely, because FFT uses linearly-spaced frequency bins, and so the lowest frequencies become over-averaged if you look at them in the logarithmic scale.  FFT can measure DC frequency bin precisely, though.
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