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I am trying out some of the routing options in Elephant.  There seems to be an audible difference between default stereo and Stereo Side-Chain - although it is difficult to describe this difference.  How do these two settings differ?


The "Stereo Side-Chain" preset is unusable in Elephant, because Elephant has no side-chaining capability.  This preset is present for Crunchessor.  The "Stereo Side-Chain" preset to my knowledge sounds exactly like "Default Stereo", there should be no difference.  In the future I'll implement hiding of presets that use features not available in particular plug-ins.  Right now all routing presets are "omni" and available to all Voxengo plug-ins

The joke is on me then!  I can swear I hear a difference.

pdarg: The joke is on me then!  I can swear I hear a difference.

I guess you could run a null-test.  Should be no difference available: I did it myself already and noticed no difference.

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