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Hi there,

Is there a step by step guide that exmplains how to use the plugin and what the meters mean and how to interpret it.  When to use the DC filter (if at all)

Example: step 1: select a preset

step 2: turn knob A until the meter says xxx ETC.

step 3: turn knob B until xyz happens

Thanks very much!

Well, most concepts behind Elephant are not "easy" - you should have some knowledge or education.  You usually need to adjust In Gain only.

The combination of the In gain and the out gain is what makes your tracks "louder".  This is pretty standard on about any loudness maximization plug-ins.

In gain turns up the volume of your signal, once it gets to a certain point, your audio will start being limited or compressed or distorted (which is based off of the out gain and limiting settings).

The In gain knob is tuned to taste.

The limiting modes are kind of done by taste.

I find with loudness maximization, presets won't work at all, it is best to just fiddle with it by taste and see if it sounds good.

Oversampling is usually a good idea and makes a great deal in the quality of your limiting, I find that I always use at least 2x, you can use 1x to get a general idea of the sound and then turn to 2x or higher.  Oversampling is very CPU hungry though, most machines probably can't handle 8x well (but you can do it as an offline process).

It's also a good deal to turn down your monitors when you use this plug-in, In some cases you will be increasing the level by many dB which could hurt your ears.  You can turn back up once the limiting starts to kick in.

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