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I'm wondering if it might be possible to add an option to the Elephant 3 output meters that would allow the user to set their own 0 reference level.

I really like how the K-Meters work (especially with 600ms integration time), but K-12 is not really realistic with louder masters.  For example, my mechanical VU meters here are set to 0VU=-9dbFs, and still some tracks will be consistently +2 or +3.  That would be +5 to +6 on the K-12 meter.

I would love the option to define my own 0 reference anywhere from -20dbFS right up to full scale, with the look of the current K meters.  What do you think?


- J.

Well, thanks for feature request - but I'm not interested in this.  Elephant features "normal" metering which should be used if you dislike K-metering.
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